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iPad Preview
Get a sneak preview of the iPad version in development. This article will be updated as the iPad launch approaches.
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 welcome to

Introducing VoidFall for the iPhone and (soon) iPad!

VoidFall is an arcade action game set in a galaxy where the Earth has come together and is expanding into the Solar System, only to encounter a terrible alien force intent on our destruction. You enter the fray as a young officer in the Terran Navy. You are determined to train as a Rail Turret Gunner, the best defense for humanity against the Procyon Menace.

VoidFall is available now for the iPhone. iPad support is under development, and will not require a separate purchase.

To learn more and view screenshots, click the screenshots button below or click the App Store Icon to go ahead and join the fight to save humanity!
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Historical Archives
Classified files on the inception on the Rail Turret Gunner program, and our first contact with the Procyon Menace.
All current intelligence on the Procyon lifeforms. What we have surmised about their background, goals, and files on each species encountered to date.
Facilities and Armaments
Everything you will need to know about our mission, potential conflict sites, and the armaments currently in use or being researched for the Procyon conflict.
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