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Gameplay Tips
Having trouble beating the game? Check here for strategies and tips. More...
iPad Preview
Get a sneak preview of the iPad version in development. This article will be updated as the iPad launch approaches.
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GamePlay Tips
Oct 22, 2012

  •  Use the controls wisely. Remember you can double-tap the aim control to point straight up, or tap a location on it to swiftly aim that direction.
  •  Be careful using auto-fire (by holding down the fire button). It can be easier on your thumb, but remember each shot costs money. You will not be able to afford as many upgrades if you use auto-fire all the time.
  •  Get used to always targeting enemy's parachutes/energy chutes. It's a good habit since falling enemies can really help keep down how many enemy troops are on the ground.
  •  If a level is giving you trouble, try switching out upgrades, sometimes that can make a big difference.
  •  Go back to earlier levels and try just using one shot per enemy. It's good practice to improve your aim, and generate extra bonus cash.
  •  The game uses real world physics. If you're trying to use a falling enemy to kill one on the ground, pay attention to the angle your shot hits them. The lower they are when you shoot out their chute, the more they'll be pushed to the side away from you.
  •  Is the game not challenging you enough on the lower levels? You can bump up the difficulty in the Settings Menu.
  •  Don't shoot copter or critter wreckage. It gives you no bonus and left alone it can kill other enemies!
  •  Don't forget you have upgrades. It's easy to get used to shooting everything with the basic turret, but if you need to clear out ground troops, use an orbital laser; if there's an enemy on the other side of the screen from most of the targets, just touch it to freeze or kill it with a Homing Missile or Stasis attack.
  •  And speaking of Stasis, this is a great upgrade for controlling space. Shoot the energy chute off a Burrower, then use Stasis to turn it into a floating mine. The next enemy to touch it kills them both.
  •  Be sure to save up for the Turret Shield upgrade by the Luna:Barrage mission. Otherwise enemies that attack your turret directly will really give you problems.
  •  Don't forget using upgrades you've already purchased doesn't cost you bonus. If you're trying to meet a bonus $ objective, saving a couple bucks on turret shots can make the difference.
  •  The anti-grav upgrade is more useful in high-gravity locations.
Survival Mode Levels
  •  Remember with each wave the gravity and number of enemies increases. Save your upgrade weapons as long as possible.
  •  Auto-fire is intentionally slowed down for Survival Mode levels. If you've gotten used to using auto-fire, you might want to consider doing it the hard way on Survival Mode.
  •  The Anti-Grav update never runs out and can slow the increasing gravity of survival mode, so it's not a bad choice.

iPad Version Preview
Oct 21, 2012

  Taking a breath from working on the iPad version to share a glimpse of how it's coming together. More updates here as the launch gets closer.... (click images to see the full-size versions)

Splash Screen
Right now we're going with landscape orientation, portrait for games is uncomfortable on the iPad.

Lunar Base


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