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Gameplay Tips
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iPad Preview
Get a sneak preview of the iPad version in development. This article will be updated as the iPad launch approaches.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Screenshots and Gameplay video

Click to view full size images and video. Use the icon in the corner to zoom in/out.   
Note: Video includes sound!

Main Menu

Level Selection Menu
Each level has a "Survival Mode" that you unlock by completing it.
Earth Training Missions
The first two missions take place at the Terran training facility.
First Contact

You first face the Procyon Menace on Earth's moon.
A number of upgrades can be researched
with your bonus money. But choose carefully
which ones to take on each mission
Mars Attack
Defend your base against a (natural?) meteor shower
on Mars.

Boss Fight Gameplay Demo Video
Apologies for the poor sound quality
and slowness, the capture software interfered
with the simulator.

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